One of the benefits of membership, The Embolus serves as SNIS's regular "touchbase" with members, and includes such information as a letter from the president, status updates on initiatives in Washington D.C., news from various committees, and in-depth information on meetings and educational opportunities.  But also, in the spirt of establishing The Embolus as a true communications forum, SNIS regularly invites members to submit their own items for inclusion. 
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The Embolus - Fall 2012

The Embolus - Winter 2011

The Embolus - Summer 2011

The Embolus - Winter 2009

The Embolus - Fall 2008

The Embolus - Spring 2007

The Embolus - Summer 2006

The Embolus - Winter 2006

The Embolus - Spring 2005

The Embolus - Winter 2005

The Embolus - Winter/Spring 2004

The Embolus - Spring/Summer 2003

The Embolus - Winter 2003

The Embolus - Fall 2002

The Embolus - Summer 2002