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NVQI-QOD is Better Together
April 29, 2019  - 
The Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery’s NeuroVascular Quality Initiative (NVQI) and the NeuroPoint Alliance (NPA) Quality Outcomes Database Neurovascular (QOD NV) registry are pleased to announce that they have merged their prospective registries into one unified registry. This collaboration, now called NVQI-QOD, doubles the size of the previous registries, and provides a greater opportunity for providers collecting and analyzing perioperative and follow-up data to improve patient care. 
The NVQI-QOD will be governed by the SNIS Patient Safety Organization (SNIS PSO), which will take direction from a newly formed Governing Council comprised of representatives from both NPA and SNIS. NVQI-QOD is an externally hosted, web-based registry, and is supported on the M2S® PATHWAYS™ platform.
"We are extremely excited to welcome QOD to the NVQI,” said Adam Arthur, President of SNIS. "This is an incredible opportunity to expand the breadth and depth of the NVQI registry, and provide all participants with greater comparison data that hospitals and physicians can utilize to identify best practices and improve patient care.”
NVQI-QOD is an externally hosted, web-based registry, providing stakeholders with the most secure and robust solution to the challenges associated with registries and data sharing. 
NVQI-QOD is supported by the M2S® PATHWAYS™ database, and is designed to easily integrate
into a variety of workflows, allowing multiple users to access and enter data on a single form, and to spread the responsibilities of data entry to more than one individual.  
“I am very excited by this merger of the SNIS NVQI and the NPA’s QOD cerebrovascular registries,” said Dr. Sameer Ansari, NVQI Medical Director. “We will immediately harness the sample size power of over 50 combined institutions with the most advanced quality metrics and electronic database in our field to date. By collaborating to study our acute stroke thrombectomy, carotid stenting/endarterectomy, intracranial aneurysm coil embolization/clipping, and AVM embolization/resection procedures, interventional neuroradiologists, endovascular/cerebrovascular neurosurgeons and interventional neurologists will create significant value for provider and patient quality improvement, research/clinical trials, and monitoring procedural techniques and devices.”
Developed by physicians for physicians, NVQI-QOD captures 100% of procedures including important demographic, procedure, and post-op data to provide comprehensive outcome analysis and inform performance improvement. A significant advantage of the NVQI-QOD database is the inclusion of long-term outcomes to one year, or longer.
Final details are still being determined. More information will be provided as soon as these details are finalized. If you are interested in learning more about NVQI-QOD, please contact us at, or 603-298-6717.
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