2019 Donors

Benefactors (Gifts of $1,000-$2,499)

Adam Arthur, MD, MPH
Mahesh Jayaraman, MD
Sandra Narayanan, MD

Stewards (Gifts of $500-$999)

Michele Johnson, MD
Andrew Ku, MD
James Milburn, MD, FACR

Supporters (Gifts of $250-$499)

Kristine, Blackham, MD
Kirk Conrad, MD
Thomas Windisch, MD

Contributors (Gifts of $100-$249)

Todd Abruzzo, MD, FAHA
Boyd Ashdown, MD
Guilherme Dabus, MD
Jean Delbrune, MD
John Deveikis, MD
Richard Haas, MD
Peter Kvamme, MD
Wes Lewis
Laszlo Miskolczi, MD
Rafael Rodriguez-Mercado, MD
Elizabeth and Gerald Stacy, in honor of the marriage of Rich & Nina Klucznik

Friends (Gifts up to $99)

George Khoriaty, MD